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DRY into 1 to 3 hours
Vegan lotions ONLY


To maximize the effectiveness of your sessions, You will find the spray tan tips to make sure your skin is prepared to capt color and keep a beautiful skin during several days.
Before your session : Shave, Shower and exfoliate your body, Use a body scrub to remove dead skin cells so the product will adheres evenly. Remove makeup. Avoid wearing perfume or deodorant.
After the session : Wear dark and loose clothing and avoid underwire bras. Wear open shoes like flip-flops. Avoid perspiration and Avoid getting your skin wet (above all from rain, washing dishes…)
Wait 3 hours before your shower and then apply shower gel only with your hands (not sponge or loofah).
After each shower, moisturize your skin to maintain a glowing tan.

Customized Spray Tan

We work with products which have been voted best in their category time and time again in leading beauty/fashion magazines, and are loved by countless celebrities, makeup artists and models around the world.

Our spray is rich in natural and organic ingredients, in vitamins, luscious natural oils & botanical oils And Anti-Aging Skin Renewal Benefits

Contain NO mineral oils, NO parabens, NO glycols, NO sulphates 

We obtain exceptional skin care results! Quality Tanning experience!

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